Improve Bridge is a website dedicated to providing high-quality online Bridge content.

This website has come about as a union of two of my hobbies: I’m both a long-time bridge player (20+ years) and I enjoy building websites. I noticed that while there are a lot of good bridge resources online, particularly forums and places to play, many of the sites that give information about conventions leave out a lot of detail. After coming back from the hobby after a break, I tried using these sites to supplement my (somewhat patchy) memory – disaster!

The lack of detail left me a bit frustrated – do we really have to buy loads of books to find out about even the most basic of conventions? Improve Bridge is my humble attempt to solve this problem and provide a bit more information online, particularly for beginners and improvers who are hungry to learn but might not want to invest in a huge bridge library.

I’ll be the first to admit this site isn’t perfect, and you’ll probably see some things you don’t agree with, or could be explained better, but I’m constantly working on improving the content! See you at the table!